Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Eagles concert

Went with my buddy to watch The Eagles concert last week.

Here are some of my favourite songs:

End of the Innocence by Don Henley. Sadly he didnt perform this at the concert:

Lover's Moon by Glenn Frey, a minor hit from his 1984 solo album Allnighter:

Sunday, September 26, 2010

2010 F1 Grand Prix

Big thanks to beaulotus and hubby, I got complimentary ticket to last night F1 race!

Reached the venue at about 6pm and quickly rush to the flyer like any kiasu Singaporean cos my pass entitles me to complimentary flyer rides. Was expecting a long queue but when I reached there, there was not a single queue, I was in the capsule within a minute!

Here are some nice pics that I took, thanks to the sunset that added some hue to the skyline.

Back to the F1 race, I rushed back to the grandstand just 5mins before the action starts, seated beside PL and J.

This year race is better and more eventful than last year.
There were much more actions like the appearance of the safety car appearing not once but twice and the petulant Hamilton who threw the steering wheel out after being knocked by Mark Webber. A handful of racers also got knocked out during the race due to series of accidents, knocks and one car even caught fire.

Fernando Alonso eventually won, had a close finish with quite a few cars blocking him in the last lap and edges out Sebastian Vettel by a narrow few secs.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Girona & Figueres

We decide to take a local bus tour to Girona and Figueres on our 2nd last day of stay in Barcelona.
We have been walking alot for the past few days in Barcelona and Dubrovnik so use the day tour as an excuse to rest our feet.

First stop - Girona.

Girona is a small town 1.5hrs drive up north from Barcelona. The quaint little town can be covered within half a day.

Next stop - Figueres.

Figueres is about an hour from Girona. The small town is well known for the Dali museum, said to be the 2nd most popular musuem in Spain, the first being Prado in Madrid, and Picasso the 3rd. We have visited all and I like Dali the most followed by Picasso, Prado too cheem for me :)

Dali is famous for his modern and surreal works, best known for that melting clock.

There is small toy musuem in that town, if you have time and are keen on vintage and toys of the past, you might want to visit. The musuem can easily be covered within an hour, 5 euros per entry. I have a small collection of wooden toys but alas the items at their shop are quite limited and the price rather ex compared to what I've seen in Prague and some other places.

Thursday, September 23, 2010


These are 2 movies that I watched during my flight and enjoyed very much:

Title: Heartbreaker / L'arnacoeur
Language: French

The story is about a professional homewrecker who runs a business with his sister and brother-in-law and goes about his duty to break up unsuitable relationships. This really sweet romantic comedy stars the pretty Vanessa Paradis (wife of Johnny Depp, she looks abit like Julianne Moore) and Romain Duris as the French love assassin. Romain last acted in The Beat that my Heart Skipped, Spanish Apartment, Russian Dolls, all worth watching. Both were excellent in their role and I couldn't control my laughter some of the scenes while in my seat during the flight.

Title: To Hell with the Ugly / Que se mueran los feos
Language: Spanish

This Spanish comeday revolves around how a 40 not-so-looking guy starts looking for love and found himself attracted to his sister-in-law. Lots of laughter and just some trivia, the popular song "Eres Tu" is featured and make fun of in the movie. Didn't know it was Spanish entry in the 1973 Eurovision contest, it came in 2nd. I'm an oldie when comes to music/movies so not ashamed to say I like this song :)

Many artistes cover this song but I like the version by Luis Miguel:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Pics from Dubrovnik, Croatia

The weather was very hot when we were there, average about 30 degrees but you get clear blue sky for photo taking!

We took about 3hours to walk the wall that surrounds the old town and were rewarded with the breathtaking views.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pics from Barcelona

Finally I get off my lazy bum to update my blog :P

Here are some pics to share from my recent trip to Barcelona.

My last trip there was back in 2003, how time flies.